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The Boè refuge is situated at the center of the Sella Group, in a large and arid plateau with a lunar landscape.


This refuge, like all the early refuges in the Dolomites, was built by a section of DOAV back in 1898.


It was the section of Bamberg that buit it in stone, with a large veranda. It was known as the Bamberg hut at Boè (Capanna di Bamberga al Boè).


After  being destroyed during the First World War, ownership was passed to the SAT (Società Alpinisti Tridentini), along with 13 other shelters of DOAV.

In 1924 the SAT reopened it under the name Rifugio Boè.


In the following years the refuge was enlarged on several occasions, with the addition of several sections, in stone and/or in wood.

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